iPhone 6+ First Impressions

27 Dec



About six weeks ago I decided to order an iPhone 6+ for myself and about two weeks ago it arrived.  I have had an iPhone 3GS and for work I have an iPhone 5C.  I have also owned a Samsung Galaxy Android phone about three years ago.  I am a Microsoft OS fan first and foremost but between Verizon’s poor support of the Windows phone platform and the stunning lack of applications for the phones I find myself enjoying the iOS.

Android is a nice platform but I find that it is far too buggy, unreliable, and inconsistent for my tastes.  With Microsoft’s full support of the iOS there are few compelling reasons to go away from an iPhone – so here I am.

First up for me is this phone feels like the perfect size.  I’m not a big guy but I adore the size of the screen and the amount of information I can get from it.  I now find using my work phone to be tedious and the screen annoyingly small.

While I have had an iOS device, the small memory capacity on the work phone plus the fact it is a phone for work has caused me to use the device in a limited way.  I now have 128 Gb of space to play with.

As such I have installed a ton of applications (and deleted a few, too).  One app I’ve found fun is the Homescreen application which simply posts your home screen to Twitter for you.  Such a simple task but I like it.  Here is mine:



This has changed nearly every day since I got the device and I am sure it will change again over the next few days and weeks as I adjust to having two phones again.

The power, the screen, the size, everything about the phone works well.  I also got the Apple leather case for it which I find to be a perfect fit for my pocket and my hand.  Men’s pockets are large; I’m not sure if a lady would find this phone as nice.

As a Microsoft user I must say the integration with Outlook.com and the availability of the full Office apps on the phone is a real pleasure.  OneDrive works like you think it should (no more Dropbox needed).  I really don’t know how MS could build a phone that is better than this from an experience stand point – which is both good and bad news, I think.

Finally the one new app that I have found that my kids love is Monument Valley.  It’s not on my home screen but it is a game unlike any other.  I have put many games onto many devices for my kids but few have kept their attention like this.  Only World of Goo comes close.

If you are ready for a new phone and don’t mind spending a little money on something you will use every day I strongly recommend the iPhone 6+.