Microsoft Band 2 Review

24 Jan
I’ve had the Microsoft Band 2 for about six weeks now and it does exactly what it is supposed to do well.  It is a fitness band with a ton of functionality – which is a different animal altogether than...
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Managers Replaced By Software

27 Jul
Think again if you think you cannot be replaced by software. From an HBR article: To put the results another way: We asked, “Is it possible to sit down at a laptop, launch iCEO, and ‘code’ the preparation of a...
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Culture – Yours and Theirs

18 Jul
Culture is such an important thing.  HBR admonishes “Culture Eats Strategy“.  It is difficult to define but as a leader nobody shapes and steers the culture more than you do.  One way to define it is by the behavior you...
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Managing Millenials

14 Jul
This article on TechCrunch captures just how easy it is to alienate employees new to the work force.   From the article: Early in my career, I had an encounter with a senior leader that left such a vivid impression...
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LASIK First Impressions

1 Aug
I decided to try LASIK.  I’ve worn contact lenses since 1998, and glasses since about 1994.  With two young boys and, in general, a more active lifestyle with a lot of travel, I wanted to experience at least a few...
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